File Types

geenee supports any combination of three types of files:

  • standard: the same file will appear (but maybe with custom sections) in every generated code base.
  • custom static: the number of files will vary from code base to code base, but are static.
  • custom dynamic: the number of files will vary even within a single code base, being determined dynamically.

Ask these questions to decide what a file is:

Basically, if you are generating instances of something from a query, it's dynamic. Otherwise, it's static.

Another way of saying that is that if the ns file could have a specific list of instances for the file, then it's static. For instance, a list of commands in a CLI would be static, because it shouldn't change depending on a database. But a list of available products on a marketplace web app will probably be dynamic.

After you've got a clarity about the files needed, return to steps to create a template.